Friends of Cabin John Creek is a volunteer citizen group dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and stewardship of the Cabin John Creek watershed in Montgomery County, MD. Cabin John Creek flows through the communities of Rockville, Bethesda, Potomac, and Cabin John, drains into the Potomac River, and ultimately feeds the Chesapeake Bay.

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We have developed new programs to inform and work with local communities and homeowners to identify stormwater issues and potential solutions.  Find out more about what you can do at home and by the creek.

What's Happening

FoCJC is now partnering with the Bannockburn Community Clubhouse (BCC) in a new Stormwater Solutions Program.  As part of the launch of this program, we invite all Bannockburn community residents to Take a 5-Minute Survey  to help us find out more about community needs.  read more>>


​Stormdrain labelling is an easy and effective method of educating neighbors about watershed stewardship that will protect Cabin John Creek, the Potomac River, and the Chesapeake Bay.  Contact   read more>>

The first Cleanup at Cabin John Local Park has been canceled. If it gets rescheduled, we'll publish the new date.  read more>>

Sunday, April 26

Do you enjoy exploring and observing nature? The City Nature Challenge is a friendly competition among 160+ cities worldwide to see who can observe the most species and involve the most citizen scientists.  Stay tuned for more details!  read more>>

Friends of Cabin John Creek has received a grant to install 10 rain planters on properties in the Cabin John Creek Watershed by April 2020.  These planters are new to Montgomery County stormwater management programs, but have been used successfully in other parts of the country.

Want to request a planter or find out more?  Contact
Offer good while supplies last!

Any highway expansion must avoid or mitigate impacts on our watershed. Read our full statement, learn where the state is in the project review process, and see how you can take action.

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Report Water or Sewer Main Breaks to WSSC

Friends of Cabin John Creek is always looking for talented go-getters who love working for a good cause, sharing their knowledge and experience, and learning new skills.  Volunteering with FoCJC -- whether as an intern, event supporter, program organizer, or board member -- allows you to learn more about the challenges and threats facing our watershed and make a difference for the environment.  There are opportunities for people with all backgrounds and availability. 

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