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Stormwater Solutions:  Creek Keepers


As part of the Stormwater Management Grant Program, the Friends of Cabin John Creek (FoCJC) manages a Creek Keeper Program of dedicated volunteers to help monitor and maintain the health of the mainstem and tributaries of Cabin John Creek. With 25 square miles of watershed and eight named tributaries feeding into the Cabin John Creek mainstem, our Creek Keepers are essential stewards of the watershed.  Training is available.

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The work of stewards is variable, depending on interest and time, as well as the needs of their segment and their community.

  • Creek Keepers will serve as FoCJC’s eyes and ears, walking their segment of the creek periodically, noting and reporting new problems, or passing on issues identified by others in the community.

  • Creek Keepers will also act as citizen scientists to conduct periodic monitoring and reporting including stream surveys, erosion issues, water pollution/trash, and water quality monitoring.

  • Creek Keepers will volunteer at FoCJC events and provide hands-on work within the section of the creek in which they live. Typical stewardship activities include trash clean-ups, creek critters, water quality monitoring, invasive plant removal, and stormdrain marking.

  • Creek Keepers will stay current with activities and developments via the FoCJC e-newsletter and the website: www.

The work of Creek Keepers is variable, depending on interest and time, as well as the needs of their segment and their community. We seek to accommodate a variety of interests. We are looking for a commitment of around 2 hours every quarter during the year with activities of most interest to the Creek Keeper.

Read more about our FoCJC Creek Keepers Program

Volunteer Resources

In addition to FoCJC initiatives above, there are additional opportunities sponsored by Montgomery Parks for Creek Keepers to volunteer and make a difference within the Cabin John Creek watershed.

If you are interested finding out more, please email 


Funding for this event provided by: Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, Montgomery County Water Quality Protection Fund

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