Stormwater Solutions: Rain Planters

Protect Cabin John Creek, the Potomac River, and the Chesapeake Bay, while reducing your water bill!

Install a Rain Planter!
Be at the cutting edge of Watershed Stewardship!
You can play a key role in preventing creek erosion and flooding
while conserving water and harvesting rain to keep your yard and garden green

How? Request a FREE Rain Planter!

Friends of Cabin John Creek has received a grant to install 10 rain planters on properties in the Cabin John Creek Watershed by September 2021.  We are building on the success of our earlier Pilot Project, which introduced these planters to the watershed, although they have been used successfully in other parts of the country. 
What’s a Rain Planter?

  • Decorative garden container (minimum 55 gals)

  • Filled with gravel, soil, and native plants

  • Uses rainfall from the roof as irrigation

  • Connected to the roof gutter via the downspout

  • Slows stormwater down, minimizes storm system inflow

  • Improve water quality in the local waterways

Rain planters can reduce erosion by temporarily retaining rainwater and releasing it slowly over time.  Preventing erosion helps keep the Creek, the Potomac River, and the Chesapeake Bay healthier.  Rain planters can have the added benefit of directing water away from foundations and collecting rainwater for garden irrigation.   (However, do NOT use it for drinking!)

If you want to find out what goes into assembling a Rain Planter, you can watch the video  below.


Want to request a planter or find out more? 
Offer good while supplies last.

Funding for this Watershed Restoration and Outreach grant project was provided by the Montgomery County, MD, Water Quality Protection Charge and managed by the Chesapeake Bay Trust.