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Stormwater Solutions:  Survey

As part of the Stormwater Solutions program, FoCJC conducts a two-stage survey to gauge public awareness in our identified RainScapes partner neighborhoods about stormwater and environmental issues affecting the Cabin John Creek Watershed.  The initial stage of the survey is intended to evaluate public awareness before FoCJC has conducted any community education activities in a neighborhood.  The anonymous responses are used to assist FoCJC in fine-tuning our program to support homeowners in stormwater management on their property.  At the end of the program, we re-open the survey, using the same questions as in the first phase.  Members of our partner communities are again invited to take the survey, whether or not they participated in the initial survey.  We then compare the results of the initial and closing surveys to help determine the effectiveness of our outreach program, and identify opportunities for improvement. 


Since 2015, we have surveyed eight communities, and we'd like to thank all the respondents for their participation in the survey. We invite all community residents to:


Take the 5-Minute Survey!


At the end of the program, we will be sending out an invitation to the closing survey, using the same questions as in the first.  In the meantime, stay tuned for invitations to residents of selected communities to participate in future environmental education events, including tours of the RainScapes projects and an opportunity to meet with RainScapes Program staff from the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (MCDEP). 

Watershed/Stormwater Questions:




Funding for this Watershed Restoration and Outreach grant project was provided by the Montgomery County, MD, Water Quality Protection Charge and managed by the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

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