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Cabin John Creek Challenge

The Challenge is an end-to-end 10 mile hike of the Cabin John Creek Trail from Rockville to the Potomac River that can be completed either in its entirety during the inaugural hike on May 28th or in segments anytime during 2022. Complete the hike during 2022 and receive a prize!


Our goal is to involve residents of the Cabin John Creek Watershed in a safe outdoor shared experience that will be meaningful and educate you on the watershed. 

More Information

A 10 mile hike in either direction from the trailhead at the end of Goya Drive to the mouth of the Cabin John Creek as it empties into the Potomac River.  We expect the hike to take 4-6 hrs depending on the pace of the hikers.


Checkout these educational summaries from the previous QR Code Hike to learn more about the watershed, historical spots, and how you can help protect this valuable resource ! 

OR... complete the end to end hike in segments during 2022, record it on the hike log, and receive a prize! 


All Cabin John Creek trailheads have parking, so you can also start from any location!

  • Park and walk a segment down and back to your car, or

  • Leave one car at the end and carpool/shuttle back to your car the start, or

  • Uber back to your starting point.

What do I need?

Your hiking shoes and a small backpack with:

  • Water Bottle

  • Lunch and snacks

  • Cell Phone 

  • Printed Map (above)


  • Tuckerman to Democracy trail - Cabin John Regional Park, porta-john at baseball fields

  • Democracy Blvd in Tennis Facility & Locust Grove Nature Center

  • Bradley Blvd Trailhead - porta-john in parking lot

  • Cabin John Local Park Trailhead - porta-john and Clara Barton Community Center

Prize / Reward

Complete the trail log during 2022 and receive a special edition FoCJC CJ Creek Challenge sticker! 

Share Your Progress!

Finished hiking a segment? or the whole thing end to end? Do you have pics of the creek or anything interesting along your hike? Share it on FoCJC's Facebook page, or post it to social media. Don't forget to tag #CJCChallenge


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Funding for this event provided by: Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, Montgomery County Water Quality Protection Fund

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