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There's No Such Thing as the Poop Fairy

When pet waste is left on the ground, it washes down storm drains and contaminates our streams and rivers with harmful bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Please pick up after your pet -- you'll be helping your neighbors, their pets, and Cabin John Creek!

Poop Fairy Campaign & Toolkit


In 2018, FoCJC has partnered with the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (MCDEP) to build on their “Poop Fairy” program for a two-month campaign culminating on National Dog Day.  We now offer a Poop Fairy Campaign Toolkit to allow other watershed groups and environmental groups to replicate the entire campaign in their own local area.  The Toolkit includes “Poop Fairy” posters to be placed in animal hospitals, lawn signs, clinic information sheets, county pet waste control program information, a campaign timeline, and sample outreach letters and emails, as well as suggestions for public incentive items, such as “poop bag” dispensers to be given out at public events.  

For the first activity in this program, we developed a program to engage local veterinary hospitals and animal-related businesses in our watershed in a pet waste management campaign.  We provided to these businesses outreach materials to encourage dog owners to pick up and properly dispose of dog waste when they are out walking their pets, in order to protect the health of their pets and that of the watershed environment.  

You can learn about the county's pet waste program to install pet waste stations in common areas managed by Homeowners' Associations. You'll also find pet waste facts and tips on how to dispose of the waste.

Contact us if you're interested in a Toolkit or have any questions or comments.

Metropolitan Emergency Animal Clinic, Rockville

Montgomery Animal Hospital, Rockville

Nebel Street Animal Hospital, Rockville

Olde Towne Pet Resort, Rockville

Petco Veterinary Services, Rockville

Potomac Animal Hospital Inc, Potomac

Seven Locks Animal Hospital, Potomac

Veterinary Holistic Care, Bethesda

Thank you to the following businesses for allowing us to display our poster and information:

Alpine Veterinary Hospital, Cabin John

Best Friends Rockville, Rockville

Bradley Hills Animal Hospital, Bethesda

Caring Hands Animal Hospital, Rockville

Dr. Boyd’s Veterinary Resort, Rockville

Falls Road Veterinary Hospital, Potomac

Kenhaven Animal Hospital, Rockville

Kenwood Animal Hospital, Bethesda

Liberty Falls Veterinary Clinic, Potomac

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