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Get Involved: PHOTOS

Share your adventures on the creek!

Contribute to our gallery of Cabin John Creek experiences by uploading your photos to the Friends of Cabin John Creek flickr group:


To add them to the FoCJC flickr group:

  1. Upload your photos to your own flickr account. (flickr accounts are free.)

  2. Give your photos descriptive tags (see below) to make it easier for people to search the FoCJC photo group.

  3. Go to the FoCJC flickr group:

  4. Click: “+ Join Group” (if you have not yet joined)

  5. Click: “+ Add Photos”

  6. Choose which photos to add to the group.

  7. Click: “ADD TO GROUP”


Example tags:

  • seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall

  • objects: trash, rocks, ice, bridge

  • activities: cleanup, restoration, fishing

  • people: "Firstname Lastname"

  • locations: "Potomac Highlands"

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