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Committees: Fundraising

FoCJC's Fundraising Committee can find internal documents and resources here.



Mission Statement/Goals

FoCJC Materials

FoCJC Financial Report 2013-2016 (inc)

FoCJC Fundraising Efforts (TBD)

FoCJC Donors

FoCJC PayPal Donation Acknowledgement Email

FoCJC Check Donation Acknowledgement Letter

FoCJC Donation Tear-Off Form

General Materials

Top Ten Ways Board Members Support Fundraising (short article)

Fundraising Report Example (Delaware Estuary Financing Feasibility Study)

Fundraising Strategy Chart Template (EPA/Red River)

Restaurant Fundraising Planning Kit

How to develop an NGO Annual Report that can also help raise Funds


Little River Fundraiser Packet _2014V8.docx - Fundraiser-Packet-_2014V8

Nonprofit Guide to Email Engagement

How to Make the Case for Giving

7 Steps to Creating Your Best Nonprofit Marketing Plan Ever

NFG Ultimate Fundraising Planning Toolkit

16 Water Grants You Should Be Applying For This

Nonprofit Board That Can Fundraise

Mission Statement a Fundraising Tool




Build Donor Loyalty With an Awesome Thank You

FoCJC Winter 2017 Appeal Update 20180118

Elevator Speech

7 Tips on Asking for Donations—It’s Intimidating, We Get It

How To Ask For Donations From A Large Company


Making a Killer First Impression on Donors

Powerful Elevator Speech Exercise for Your Board Members

Mercy Corps Elevator Pitch and Storytelling

Boise River Elevator Speech

Create the Perfect Fundraising Pitch with this Easy


FoCJC Fundraising Roundtable Survey Data 20180110


EPA Watershed Academy Web  Developing a Sustainable Finance Plan


Sarah Morse, Little Falls Alliance

Potential Grants

Clif Bar Family Foundation


Committee Email Addresses:

Mark Frey

Sandy Laden

Jon Putnam

Burr Gray

Tina Rouse;;;;

Yahoo Group






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