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Who's Cutting Down that Tree?

Take a look in the creek and you will see the busy work of the beaver that is making this forested wetland his home.

As herbivores, beaver eat leaves, bark, twigs, and roots… but not wood! If left alone, they will eventually build a lodge with the logs and branches they cut down and raise a family of 1-6 kits per year forming a colony of beaver.

They are a keystone species able to modify their environment to provide new wetland habitat for many other species which also improves the water quality. Check out the county’s site on Living with Beavers for more info.

Beaver can reach 60 lbs and have sharp incisors so stay clear and keep your dog close if you see one! They will slap their tail on the water to warn you.

Snap a pic if you see one and use the iNaturalist​ app to record any sightings.



Made possible through the Montgomery County Watershed Restoration and Outreach Grant program

funded through the Montgomery County Water Quality Protection Fund

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