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The Mighty Sycamore

When it has room to spread out, the Sycamore tree has massive, heavy spreading branches.

Sycamores typically reach up to 100 to 130 ft high and 5 to 6.5 ft in diameter when grown in deep soils. With its large leaves, it provides plenty of shade. An easy way to identify one is by its thin, mottled bark of brown, green, tan and white that sloughs off the trunk. Did you know that Orioles particularly like to nest in Sycamores?

How old am I?

Good at math? Oh jeez! Given that Sycamore trees average a growth rate in girth of about 1 inch/year… and

"age = circumference / 1in/yr"

then just guess its belt size and take a guess!

Mature trees can soak up to 50-100 gallons of water a day and are critical to reducing stormwater runoff, cleaning the water, and preventing erosion. Plant a shade tree in your yard and help the creek!

Use the iNaturalist app to identify trees by their leaves.



Made possible through the Montgomery County Watershed Restoration and Outreach Grant program

funded through the Montgomery County Water Quality Protection Fund

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