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Stormwater Toolbox:  Luxmanor Survey

As part of our 2017-2019 Stormwater Solutions Program, FoCJC conducts surveys to gauge public awareness about stormwater and environmental issues affecting the Cabin John Creek Watershed.  The 2017 opening survey was intended to evaluate public awareness before FoCJC has conducted any public education activities for the program.  The anonymous responses were used to help FoCJC fine-tune the program to support Luxmanor, Windermere, and The Oaks homeowners, specifically.

Now that we are approaching the end of the program, we are conducting a closing survey, using similar questions as in the opening survey, which is similarly anonymous.  We will compare the results of the initial and closing surveys to help determine the effectiveness of our outreach program.
We invite all Luxmanor, Windermere, and The Oaks community residents to
Take the 5-Minute Survey.
Thank you for your participation!

This survey is part of a stormwater management grant FoCJC received from the Chesapeake Bay Trust and the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.

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